Acupressure Massage Mat plus Pillow

Acupressure Massage Mat plus Pillow

Acupressure Massage Mat plus Pillow

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Are You Ready To Enjoy Deep Relaxation?

As the acupressure points of the Massage Mat massage your back, stress, and pain will subside in no time. 6000+ spikes stimulate the release of endorphins making stress, anxiety, and tension melt away instantly.

In less than 20 minutes each day, watch your back pain and headache disappear, your mood and sleep improve, and your energy levels increase.

I lie on it most nights before going to sleep. It really helps me relax and puts me in a deep sleep... The first few seconds are a bit uncomfortable but after only a little while my whole body relaxes and it feels so good." - Julie J.

  • STRESS RELIEF: Lay back and relax onto this bed of nails. The spikes trigger the release of hormones that instantly relieve stress and generate the feeling of calmness and wellbeing.
  • PAIN RELIEF: Mimicking the healing concept of an acupressure treatment, the Massage Mat releases endorphins that block pain, relax your muscles and reduce tension to replenish your body with energy.
  • IMPROVED SLEEP QUALITY: The Massage Mat helps you fall asleep quickly and naturally, easing you into a deep, restorative, and refreshing sleep, so you wake up thoroughly refreshed in the morning to start your day. 
  • INCREASED ENERGY: The acupressure points also work to stimulate and improve blood circulation. As a result, it promotes increased energy as well as a faster recovery of overworked muscles.


Size: 64 cm x 42cm
Material: 100% High-Quality Thick Cotton & Plant-based Eco Foam
6000+ acupressure points exclusively made with non-toxic and non-allergenic materials.
Neck Pillow has about 2000 acupressure points.


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